PoweringSTEM is a non-profit striving to advocate for increased youth participation in STEM and combat disparities in technology & healthcare. This year, PoweringSTEM is hosting an all-inclusive virtual hackathon for high school and collegiate coders of all coding backgrounds. PoweringSTEM Hacks is on Wednesday through Saturday December 28-31, 2022 with beginner-focused pre-event workshops on December 28. Through code and community, our core mission is to create an environment for the world's brightest thinkers to empower and be empowered, building the bridge to a more inclusive future and we would love for you to be a part of it.


Non theme hacks are allowed as long as they solve some real world problem using technology but they will not be entered into the Best Theme Hack prize and only best overall hack.

Our Hackathon Theme IS: Medical Innovation

Create something that in some way will help a medical procedure or treatment! The theme is very broad so as long as it has some relation to the theme of medicine/healthcare it's in theme!

Project Submission Guidelines are : 

- 1 minute video recording explaining your concept, (if it relates to theme and if so how), why it's helpful in today's world and what experiences/ lessons you've learned from creating it. 

- link to code as Github repository. 

- as well as other Devpost project submission guidelines

Participants must follow ALL guidelines in order to have a chance at winning the $300+ cash prizes.


Hackathon Sponsors


$50,225 in prizes

Best Overall Hack

The project that scores the most point from judges will win a Nintendo Switch Lite or $200

Best Theme Hack

The best hack adhering to theme will receive a $50 gift card

Most Creative Hack

The most creative hack overall will receive a $25 gift card!

All Participants Receive (999)

- range of stickers
- Wolfram One Free trial for a month
- taskade unlimited

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Bianca Pethe

Bianca Pethe
Co-Founder @ PoweringSTEM

Saraswathy Amjith

Saraswathy Amjith
Co-Founder @ PoweringSTEM

Ayush Sekhari

Ayush Sekhari
MIT PostDoc Researcher

Sambhav Jain

Sambhav Jain
Ex Product Manager @ Salesforce, Startup Founder

Bianca Pethe

Bianca Pethe
Co-Founder @ PoweringSTEM

Judging Criteria

    - Did this hack do something new or take a new approach to an old problem? How original is the concept of the hack?
    -How well does the hack run? Does it run smoothly and do all of its features work? How well-designed is the hack?
    - How practical or useful is this hack? Does it fulfil a real-world need?
    - How well was this hack presented? Did the presentation explain the concept behind the hack well and make the hack more compelling?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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